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Crimean vacation – Balaklava

BałakławaBalaklava is located above the long bay which go deep the Crimean peninsula. Port on each side is surrounded by mountains, making it all looks very picturesque. On the one of the slopes there are the ruins of the ancient Genoese fortress. Today Balaklava is part of  Sevastopol, but for three thousand years of its history, it functioned as an independent city

This place is related with the Tauri, the indigenous inhabitants of the Crimean peninsula. The settlement itself was founded by the ancient Greeks and originally named Symbolon. At the end of the fourteenth century the town was captured by the Genoese, which used it as a transshipment port in the transport of slaves. Remnant of those times are the ruins of the fortress that dominate the modern port of Bałakławie. Three centuries later, the city and the entire Crimea went to the hands of the Russians. In Soviet times in the rocks surrounding the bay it was made dug bunker for submarines. He was to be resistant even to nuclear attack and the whole city has become one of the best kept places in the USSR.

Practical information

train Bakhchisaray – Sevastopol – 11hr;

double room in Hotel Listrigon- 140hr

Prices in restaurants in Balaklava are about 25% higher than in Bakhchisaray.

Fortunately, today’s Balaklava is available for tourist traffic. To reach it, you should get to 5 km (this is an unusual way to call one of the peripheral bus stations), using, for example, minibus number 17th Then take the bus number 3, which takes you to the Balaklava.

Apart from the ruins of the fortress, the most interesting part of the city is a port with several restaurants and boat marina. In the turistic season, it’s easily and cheaply to get from port to Fiolent, where is a beautiful wild beach. There is also a beach in Balaklava but it’s nice extremely nice place. It’s rather small and dirty, and it lies on the other side of the bay than the main part of the city. Our observations show that bars in the port are not the cheapest, and the food in them also isn’t the best we’ve try on Crimea. Although it is probably a matter of taste and luck.

For me, personally,  Balaklava is associated mainly with a view of the harbor from situated high on a hillside Listrigon hotel. From here you can see the ruins of the great Genoese fortifications, which correspond perfectly with Crimean wines and local snacks.

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